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Focus on your ideas; we'll handle the refinement. With our AI-driven technology, effortlessly elevate your initial draft into impeccably crafted content, tailored to captivate your target audience.

Harness the power of AI to craft compelling content that drives conversions and captivates your target market.

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Exceptional writing drives sales. You know it, and your audience knows it.


Enhance your YouTube scripts with flawless English.

Captivate your viewers with a naturally flowing narration. We'll help you craft a script that will make your audience want to watch your videos repeatedly.


Power up blog posts that engage your readers from the get-go.

Creating compelling content is just the beginning. Let us handle the challenging task of making it sound great.


Set your marketing copy apart from the rest.

Intriguing language isn't reserved for Hollywood. We'll help you develop copy that will entice your audience to purchase your product.

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Time is money, and we know business can't wait! Let us help you write better faster.



Good for anyone who needs that one off revision

  • 5 revisions per month
  • 21 writing styles
  • 8 writing tones
  • 4 languages
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Perfect for individuals and small businesses with daily writing needs.

  • 100 revisions per month
  • Revisions history
  • 21 writing styles
  • 8 writing tones
  • 4 languages
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For large enterprises aiming to make their written communication a competitive advantage. Bring Henshu to your workforce.

  • SSO (Single Sign On)
  • >100 revisions per month
  • Revisions history
  • 21 writing styles
  • 8 writing tones
  • 4 languages
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